Martin Humphries

Martin Humphries is a Cardiff- based composer and conductor who specialises in music for community ensembles and amateur musicians. He is currently working towards a PhD in composition at the University of Southampton and conducts numerous ensembles including Oblique3: Contemporary Music Group and the Cardiff University Wind Orchestra.


On this page you can listen to performances of Martin's compositions and view examples from his scores. His portfolio includes music composed for solo instrumentalists, duos, small ensembles, large ensembles, as well as vocal and choral works.


Adopt a Composer

Saturday, 10 September, 2016

I can finally reveal that I have been selected to take part in the prestigious Adopt a Composer scheme. The programme is run by organisations 'Making Music' and 'Sound and Music' and the final performance will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3. I have been paired with the 'On The Edge' Fusion Youth ...

Orchestra from Birmingham and will be mentored by composer Fraser Trainer. Over the next year we will be working together to create an exciting, innovative, and rewarding piece of music for the participants. I can't wait to get cracking and am thrilled to have been selected for this scheme.

Three performances at CoMA Summer School

Saturday, 20 August, 2016

After an exhausting but incredibly rewarding week at the Contemporary Music For All 2016 Summer School I have returned home with three more performances to my name. The first came from the CoMA Composers' Ensemble (conducted by Gregory Rose), who gave a reading of my open score work New ...

. The second, was a workshop with the Fidelio Trio and mezzo soprano Lore Liexenberg on Soak it Up, a movement from a planned song cycle. Finally, I saw Michael Finnissy perform my Lone Wolf in concert at the Doncaster College Theatre on the final day of the course. The ...

CoMA Summer School was a great experience and I have learned a huge amount from working with the brilliant musicians (both professional and amateur) and from the fantastic mentoring team including James Weeks, Michael Finnissy and Judith Weir.

Featured Work

Moz Pit

saxophone quartet and saxophone chorus


I - House Interlude I II - Thrash Interlude II III - Dub Moz Pit is my response to the finale of Act I of Don ...

in which Mozart intersperses the action with three distinct dances. Using melodic material borrowed from the Mozart original I have ...

reimagined this finale through the use of 21st-Century dance forms, namely house, the moshing which so often accompanies metal music, and dubstep. ...

These movements are separated by two interludes scored for an additional saxophone chorus, the intention being that a group of amateur players may ...

perform alongside an experienced quartet and contribute equally to the performance. Moz Pit was composed in September 2015 for a performance at the ...

University of Southampton as part of their ‘Mozart Remixed’ festival.