Unexpected Conference Paper

Sunday, 06 July, 2014

Whilst attending the Cheltenham Music Festival Composer Academy this July, I was offered the fantastic opportunity to present a paper at the conference series RANTS. Given only six hours notice due to a late drop-out, this proved a great challenge to structure and formulate my thoughts into a cohesive presentation in such a short space of time.

RANTS is a conference series with a difference. Hosted by the Brunel University Institute of Composing, it offers all the usual components of a music conference, with the added addition of a bar. On this occasion the evening was hosted in the Exmouth Arms, Cheltenham.

The paper I presented was entitled 'How Magaret Thatcher Saved Contemporary Music' and it explored the lasting legacy the 1980's political climate. Whilst I do not condone the terrible funding cuts of this period, my paper looked to present the unexpected positive outcomes of this controversial period, particularly in relation to modernist amateur music making in Britain.

I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this presentation and the ensuing debates it provoked which continued long into the night. There should be a bar at every academic event!