A Field Guide To Getting Lost

Saturday, 12 December, 2015

This Autumn I have been fortunate enough to participate in Academy Inégales, a musical development scheme led by directors Peter Wiegold and Martin Butler. The academy is based in Club Inégales (London) where the fourteen of us performers/composers/writers meet each month to create new music.

Our first outing took place on the 12th December where I gave the first performance of Peter Wiegold's Frog Hunt in a version for solo tuba. The evening also saw the premiere of my work for trombone and sampler, Lost, Dead Toys, which was performed to great reception by myself and fellow academician and composer Andy Leung. The evening was melded together through a series of improvisations by the academy ensemble.

The whole evening, the improvisations, and all the individual contributions shared a link to to Rebecca Solnit's fabulous A Field Guide To Getting Lost, from which a menu of quotations littered the evening. I am thoroughly enjoying my time working with Academy Inégales and look forward to next year where we will be working with illustrators, translators and a host of other guests, as well as working towards a reimagining of Purcell's King Arthur for the 2016 Spitalfields Festival.