Moz Pit

saxophone quartet and saxophone chorus



c. 7.5 minutes


Premiere: 20 November 2015
University of Southampton woodwind students
Turner Sims Concert Hall (Southampton) - Mozart Remixed Festival

2nd performance: 21 November 2015
University of Southampton woodwind students
St. Michael's Church (Southampton) - Mozart Remixed Festival

Program Note

I - House
Interlude I
II - Thrash
Interlude II
III - Dub

Moz Pit is my response to the finale of Act I of Don Giovanni in which Mozart intersperses the action with three distinct dances. Using melodic material borrowed from the Mozart original I have reimagined this finale through the use of 21st-Century dance forms, namely house, the moshing which so often accompanies metal music, and dubstep. These movements are separated by two interludes scored for an additional saxophone chorus, the intention being that a group of amateur players may perform alongside an experienced quartet and contribute equally to the performance.

Moz Pit was composed in September 2015 for a performance at the University of Southampton as part of their ‘Mozart Remixed’ festival.