Orchestra Works


Put A Tiger In Your Swamp

for symphony orchestra



c. 6.5 minutes


Currently unperformed.

Program Note

This work for symphony orchestra is a musical sequel to an earlier piece commissioned by the Cardiff University Big Band: Put A Tiger In Your Tank (2013). Whilst both are completely stand alone works, they do share many musical materials, explored in differing ways. I became fascinated by the concept of sequels in other art forms and stumbled across the perfect stimulus material whilst moving into a new house. Left in the gas meter cupboard by the previous tenants was a DVD documentary entitled Swamp Tigers (dir. Mike Herd, 2005) and irresistibly Put A Tiger In Your Swamp began to take shape.

Whilst I did not conceive the work to programmatically follow the activities of these marshland predators, perhaps some of the more striking images depicted in the documentary have found their way into my music: 'their main requirements are an ample supply of prey and a dense vegetation in which to stalk it... they specialise in killing hoofed mammals, but also the heavy cattle... meerkats will screech out a warning whenever they come near... the tiger moves so silently that even if the prey catches a faint whiff of its scent, it cannot necessarily predict the direction from which an attack will come'.

Put A Tiger In Your Swamp was premiered by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (Frank Zielhorst conductor) at the Lighthouse, Poole - February 2015.